“Ubuntu” – Our philosophy “I am what I am because of who we all are” believing in mutual respect and empathy leading to participative decision making.

At FRATITUDE, our purpose is to positively impact the lives of our Clients, Connectors – our Referee Fraternity, Colleagues, and the Communities in which we live and work. It is for this reason that we seek to provide you, our Connector – the Referee, with the highest levels of support, care and attention possible.

You be the Referee and reward yourself by referring your network!

All possibilities are you’ve professionally worked or interacted with some great talents currently and/or in the past. Why not be rewarded for networking yourself with extraordinarily talented people?

Become part of the Referee Fraternity, an ecosystem to help people find great opportunities in the corporate world, and give more meaning to their careers and lives. So we succeed better, together. And build an institution – an institution that outlives us and continues to thrive.

Our SYMBIOTIC REFEREE PLATFORM is a Reward based Referral App – currently on our website and also being built as an app for mobile and desktop.

How does the FRATITUDE Referral Reward Program work?

Simply provide us with the name, their resume/details and contact information of someone you have worked with or know professionally for the positions listed or for future open opportunities. We will contact them directly in hopes of finding a career match for them.

What will you receive?

For every referral that leads to us successfully filling a position listed with our clients.

₹25,000 ( Indian Rupees Twenty Five Thousand ) for Junior Levels
₹50,000 ( Indian Rupees Fifty Thousand ) for Middle Levels
₹100,000 (Indian Rupees One Hundred Thousand ) for Senior Levels
₹200,000 ( Indian Rupees Two Hundred Thousand ) for CXO Levels

IT’S THAT SIMPLE…and there’s no limit to how much Referee rewards from FRATITUDE you can receive.

To qualify, you must refer a candidate whose profile has not been presented to FRATITUDE on their own in the last 3 months – if we hire them for our Clients – you will be eligible for the referral reward once they complete 6 months with our Clients.

Who do you know?Get a jump start on earning your Reward!  Tap into your networks…you’ll be glad you did!
May the tribe increase!