Blending; noun
“Having an attitude similar to that of people in fraternities typically seem to be possessing high level of self-confidence”

Used to describe a collegiate fraternity male and sorority female’s state of mind and manner.
Having ‘fratitude’ is every Greek collegiate’s goal while at their university. Those who possess such a quality do not care what people think. Those with ‘fratitude’ carry  themselves with the utmost confidence, not only due to the fact that they meet a higher scholastic achievement but in doing so; strive to include everyone around them to insure the highest amount of fun is had at all times. The individuals who exude such a quality go more places, meet more people, and make better friends along the way



Significance : To achieve Fraternity 
Derived from the word  “Fraternity”

  •  A group of people sharing  a common profession or interests
  • Friendship and mutual support within a group
  • Profession, body of workers: band, group, set, circle, society, club, association, guild, lodge, union, organisation, alliance, brotherhood, clique, coterie, clan:  sorority, sisterhood; fellowship, kinship. friendship, companionship, support mutual support, solidarity, community, togetherness.

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