Talent Solutions Orchestration- OPERA

We focus on being better. Better the better.
The thing we love about “better” is that it keeps us reaching optimum levels… driving continuous performance gains for our clients.


Solutions Rooted in OPERA

Talent Solutions Orchestration

Our OPERA methodology is the mainstay of FRATITUDE’s Talent Solutions. Designed with the future in mind, we build lasting relationships with our Connectors – the Referee Fraternity that are deeply rooted in trust and transparency, backed by unmatched experts and their network and a keen focus on Outreach delivering success.

We orchestrate a combination of modern Search technology, Smart screening methodologies and Traditional long-term relationship building skills to provide Talent Solutions.

Put your trust in FRATITUDE. Together, we shall orchestrate your success and future proof your business.

Our approach is oriented toward facilitating orchestration of existing services from people, systems, and fraternities rather than to ship and transform resumes – the methodology we call “OPERA”.

O – Outreach

(We Reach, ReSearch and Search comfortably in our backyard… and on another continent, while also providing customised profiles with recommendation summaries)

P – Predictive Analytics 

(We combine Human capital-based statistics with the recruitment process synergising productivity,  performance, engagement survey info, stability inputs, and other data from the Candidate lifecycle, and generate prototypes that will predict the potential future performance of a candidate)

E – Engineering

(A systematic approach is used to reach the desired solution to a challenge specified by Clients, involving the flow-phases: idea, concept, planning, design, development, and launch from challenge definition to the desired result)

R – Reverse Osmosis 

(Multi-layer filters and membranes are induced to segregate, bring in permeable correlations & check for hygiene factors & imperfections and sterilising the talent search process to attain optimisation)

A – Agile

(We work with distributed teams with frequent redesigns and iterations at different stage and phase of the Talent search process & reinvent as per Client requests to aid the decision makers adjust strategies based on hard information and less speculation)