Our team has multi years of combined experience in Executive Search, Recruiting, Talent management, Consulting & Advisory, Technology, and Analytics & Research.  Our extensive business network provides us with peers around the globe who have an in-depth knowledge of local and regional talent. We use that global insight into local business fraternities to deliver convergent talent solutions.

We are akin to the Eagles – soaring above the clouds and having a keen eye for seeking talent. We pride ourselves on having the best people in our team and Fraternity – People who are standouts in their given field, who value relationships, understand partnerships and with whom you will enjoy working.

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Appaiah Ballachanda
Appaiah BallachandaThe Disruptive HeadHunter
Appaiah has twenty-five years of experience in the field of Human Resources and specialises in Talent Acquisition.
He has successfully led Executive ReSearch and Search for over fifteen years and brings a global dexterity to business objectives from strategic, cultural and tactical viewpoints involving C-suite recruitment.
Brutally honest and strong in all facets of HR along with a keen ability to identify ideal leadership traits, he calls himself HR Matchmaker.
Appaiah approaches Talent management & Search consulting not only as a profession but as a creative outlet. He has a passion for all things imperfect and strives to disrupt those perfect dots and crosses to create scapes that are inspirational, yet quirky and enlightening as well. Wants to be avant-garde and transform the talent landscape.
Outside of FRATITUDE, he is a part gardener, part amateur philosopher and part Sufi trance culture shaman, and a fierce advocate of compassion for all things living.