We can turn a list of contact names into interested prospects through our candidate development service.  Let our team of dedicated recruiters make screening calls for you starting within 24 hours.

Our dedicated team of recruiters are ready to make screening calls on your searches. Whether you provide us with the names you would like contacted or the names come from recruiting research we generated for you, we are able to begin screening potential candidates within 24 hours of receiving your request.

Our recruiting team comes from the world of executive search and understands the level of professionalism and experience integral to providing excellence in recruiting. We reach out to prospective candidates via telephone, email, and InMail to generate interest in your open position. We provide you with a one page candidate summary and obtain a resume for all interested prospects we develop. In addition, you will receive a weekly recruiting log detailing with whom we spoke, why they were not interested or not qualified, and any specific intelligence you would like us to gather.

Our OPERA methodology helps you solve for the future of work and our agency services give you access to our flexible workforce, on demand.