Position Machine Learning (ML) Lead
Location  Bengaluru, KAR, INDIA


Qualification: B.Tech/B.E in any Specialization

Experience: 9+ years of experience in building personalization and recommendation systems.

Skills: Extensive experience with Apache Spark, including Mllib, ML pipelines APIs and Spark Streaming.

  • Built large-scale predictive models on Spark.
  • Good statistics fundamentals and data analysis skills. Do quick analyses, visualization and prototyping with Python/R.
  • Experience with tools like Tableau and Splunk will be a plus.
  • Experience with A/B testing systems in designing the experiments and analyzing the results.
  • Good understanding of various platforms, tools, and architectural best practices in the areas of scalable web services and cloud computing, including various components in the Apache Hadoop framework.
  • Strong understanding of modern data systems for storing and processing large volumes of data including various RDBMS/ NewSQL, NOSQL and document indexing solutions.
  • Cluster computing systems such as Hadoop MapReduce and Spark, know the programming interfaces and performance tuning of these very well.
  • Software systems; coding and deployed production code in Java or Scala.